Pharmacovigilance within and without borders

Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13, June, 2019 - Barcelona

12 June 2019 from 13:15 to 17:50
13 June 2019 from 9:00 to 17:00

Official language: English

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Pharmacovigilance within and without borders

Yesterday, today and in the future: “Safety first”!

Are you ready to enter the transformed landscape in Pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance is at the center of the health ecosystem, made up of alliances, partnerships and business cross-contaminations. Therefore, our focus during this conference will be on the importance of collaboration and communication at local, regional and international levels, to ensure pharmacovigilance delivers its full benefits.

The world of medicines and device safety is rapidly changing. The role of patients is more important than ever but how do we bring patient insight into drug safety? How can we make safety information more accessible? How will the device regulation be implemented in the face of recent crises? How digital tools will change the face of PV? What new skills are needed to grow and become the Pharmacovigilance professionals of the future? Also, new global PV legislation is being issued at a fast rate from emerging markets, bringing new harmonization challenges and more regulatory authority inspections from brand new inspectorates. Is industry prepared?

The International Pharmacovigilance Day conference brings together senior leaders and technical experts to discuss the hot topics of today and tomorrow, share learnings and explore solutions. It promises to be a lively exchange of ideas, learning and concepts during a one day and a half, where the topics to be treated, among many others, include:

  • How can Patient Support Programs and Risk Management become more patient centered?
  • What could be Risk minimization measures and how to be compliant with the quality requirements?
  • What opportunities and challenges does the EU Electronic health record bring to PV?
  • Preparing for regulatory inspections with new global inspectorates and in post-Brexit?
  • Digital Pharmacovigilance: What is hype and what is hot?
  • EudraVigilance - new approaches and new challenges
  • How are companies expected to fulfil their requirements towards new regulations?
  • How the future will look like, and what could be new skills for a new PV future?

These are some of the questions that will make the future of PV, but how to be ready to embrace it?

We warmly welcome you to join us for this event of the future.

Scientific Committee

Jabeen Ahmad - Regional Pharmacovigilance Director, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (EEMEA) at AbbVie
Marco Anelli - Head of “Data, Information, Knowledge & Intelligence” Platform – PLG (Product Life Group)
Raffaele Di Marzo - EU QPPV at Kedrion
Dr Leonardo Ebeling - Managing Director at Dr. Ebeling & Assoc. GmbH
Martin Holm-Petersen - CEO at Insife
Betina Østergaard Eriksen - Vice President, Safety Surveillance at Novo Nordisk
Dr Solange Corriol-Rohou - Sr. Director Regulatory Affairs & Policy, Europe at AstraZeneca

Who should attend?

This conference is designed to benefit functional/technical professionals working in the pharmaceutical and health care area dealing with the Pharmacovigilance system, such as:

  • Safety and Pharmacovigilance dept.
  • Clinical operation dept.
  • Statistic dept.
  • Medical Affairs dept.
  • Medical Information dept.
  • Regulatory Affairs dept.
  • Quality & Compliance dept.
  • Legal dept.
  • Software Developing dept.
  • Medical Devices Manifacuring Companies
  • University Faculties scientists who are related to clinical and medical research (Senior, Associate and Assistant Professors, Research Scholars, Phd students).
    Also, Directors/Seniors Directors/Executive Directors and Vice Presidents /Senior Vice Presidents/Executive Vice Presidents and Heads/Leaders/Partners of: CROs and CMOs, Clinical Research Sites, Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices Industries.

Please click here to read the code of good conduct

A portion of the proceeds from this event are donated to the “Vase of Flowers” project

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