Chinese FDA: Implementation of the ICSR guidelines and local language issue

Abstract available soon

About the speaker
Jabeen Ahmad

Jabeen Ahmad is a regional Pharmacovigilance director for AbbVie, based in the UK. She is co-founder of the EFPIA International Pharmacovigilance group (EFPIA IPVG) and leads the Africa & Middle East work stream. Jabeen has almost 20 years industry experience in a variety of PV roles, both clinical and post-marketing. Her areas of expertise are global PV systems and strengthening of PV systems in Low to Middle Income countries. Jabeen wrote the first chapter of the 2018 book “Pharmacovigilance: A Practical Approach” which was reviewed on Amazon as a “must read for healthcare, academics and healthcare industry alike”. She is passionate about digital and making safety information simple for all patients.

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