Electronic Product Information: How to change our communication with the patients?

The role of patients is more important than ever, and an empowered patient likes to engage more with its health and has rising needs for trusted information. They are researching for their symptoms and are taking greater control of the treatment of their disease. Due to modern technologies patients are no longer satisfied with static pdfs of patient leaflets on the web - they want information about their medicines that takes advantage of all the options available with modern technology they have at home. How are we going to handle this challenge? How can we make important information more easily accessible and improve its readability?
The session will talk about the importance of converting the existing static information into electronic product information, it will touch upon the current discussion on European level, highlight some ongoing initiatives and explain the potential benefits based on use cases.

About the speaker
Dr Rüdiger Faust

Rüdiger has a strong background in regulatory affairs comprising regulatory development and life-cycle management, label management, regulatory information and submission management encompassing expertise from affiliate and headquarter perspective with more than 20 years of experience. In his current role he acts as regulatory strategy & intelligence lead for the Innovation Unit Devices & Technologies.

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